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Psychosocial worker Synerpsy

Up to 1 member Unlimited tools Unlimited profiles Unlimited shares


8.10/month if paid on an annual basis


Up to 10 members Unlimited tools Unlimited profiles Unlimited shares


45/month if paid on an annual basis


Unlimited members Templates and automation Advanced statistics White label

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What Synerpsy can do for you


Replace all your follow-ups and questionnaires Know at any time how your clients are doing Collaborate more easily with your colleagues and your client’s entourage

Organizations and managers

Save your stakeholders time Centralize all your forms, questionnaires and follow-ups in one place Have all the data you need to optimize your services at all times Stay compatible with your electronic files


Involve everyone involved Access all relevant information Collaborate with your professionals A secure system that protects your personal life

Your situation is unique and requires a customized tool


Optimize your care by communicating easily with your patients and all their ecosystems. Implement concerted actions and interdisciplinary follow-ups. At any time you will know how your patient is doing and how to help him/her in the most effective way.
Centralize all your tools in one place
Gather and organize your tools, forms and follow-ups, make it easy to share and reuse them.
Engage your customers between meetings
Allow your clients to access their intervention goals and relevant tools at any time. Create personalized reminders or follow-ups and communicate with them as you wish.
See your patients' progress in real time
All the observations of your client and his relatives will be noted directly in his profile and will be accessible to you at any time to facilitate your follow-ups.


Your communication notebook reinvented. Follow the individual progress of your students, mobilize their parents, collaborate with all school staff in a few clicks.
Collaborate with all school staff in a few clicks
Easily exchange information between all members of your team by sharing profiles, interventions or discussions.
Communicate with parents
With our virtual communication booklet, you can include everyone involved in a single click and be sure that all the information gets through. Get parents and students more involved.
Facilitate the application of the intervention plan
Save time on follow-ups. Be sure that all actors have access to the relevant information of the intervention plan, measure and follow the progress of your students in real time.

A tool that can be customized to any environment

To mobilize an ecosystem of support for a person, Synerpsy is your tool.
Seniors' residences
Coordinate all care. Easily involve the family. Optimize your services.
Home support
Coordinate all the actors, professionals and relatives. Maintain a safety net by promoting autonomy.
Hospital Centres
Optimize your communications and services. Evaluate new programs in real time. Easily get all the data you need to make the best decisions.